Fish prasadam @ Katedan

June 07, 2012 14:02
Fish prasadam @ Katedan

The famous fish prasadam by Bathini Goud family will be given on June 8 and June 9. Unlike earlier, the fish prasadam would be administered at Katedan area in Hyderabad. Earlier, fish prasadam was called as chepa mandu (fish medicine) but it was changed to prasadam due to the criticism from medical circles.

Bathini Goud family members wanted to administer fish prasadam at Rajendranagar area survery number 49 as there were some other programmes going on at exhibition grounds in Nampally of Hyderabad. Since the land was in controversies, the revenue department denied to give permission to Bathini family members. Therefore, Bathini family proposed that they would give fish prasadam at Katedan area. But, the police didn’t support this idea and handed over a report to the government stating that providing security would be challenging at Katedan area.
Bathini family members then approached the chief secretary Pankaj Dwivedi, who granted them permission to administer fish prasadam at Katedan area.

Tight security:

Tight security has been beefed up in and around Katedan area in the wake of fish prasadam. It is known that lakhs of people from across the globe throng Hyderabad to take fish prasadam believing that it would end respiratory ailments including asthma. Lumps of herbal medicine would be stuffed in the mouths of small fish and the same would be asked to swallow by the people who come their with respiratory complaints.

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