I never met Chidambaram personally: Babu

May 03 ,2012 18:47 PM
I never met Chidambaram personally: Babu

The TDP supremo on Thursday condemned the statements made by the union home minister on Wednesday in the parliament that Chandrababu Naidu has met him personally to discuss Telangana issue. Babu has said that he had never met Chidambaram. He has took on the Congress party stating that the Congress instead of taking a stand on the issue has been blaming other parties.

Chandrababu Naidu told his party members at NTR Trust Bhavan in Hyderabad that the Centre was not showing any solution to the problem and it was only diverting the issue. The TDP leaders have also reiterated the same.

Karimnagar MLA L Ramama has turned down the statements of Chidambaram. Another leader Pedda Reddy has said that no one on the state would care what Chidambaram has said. He has also said that people were disliking Chidambaram. To make a point he has said that TRS chief KCR and JAC leaders met the union home minister many times but Chandrababu Naidu never met Chidambaram on the issue. (Phani)

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