Cong has to win by-polls: Sonia to Kiran & Bothsa

May 02 ,2012 09:34 AM
Cong has to win by-polls: Sonia to Kiran & Bothsa

The AICC chief Sonia Gandhi reportedly warned the chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy and PCC chief Bothsa Satyanarayana over the by-polls. She has said that she Congress has to win in the by-polls or else it won’t be a loss of the party but to even them (Kiran and Bothsa). The sources said that Sonia told the duo that she would not spare anyone in case the party doesn’t draw a couple of seats in by-polls. The leaders will be get shocking news in case they come up later with silly reasons over defeats, she presumably said.

It is known that Kiran Kumar Reddy and Bothsa Satyanarayana have met the party supremo Sonia Gandhi last night and discussed the by-polls matter for a couple of hours. The sources also indicated that Sonia Gandhi would be closely monitoring by-polls. She has also apparently told the leaders to appoint in charge for each constituency. Also, she asked them to send the names of the in charges and if possible she said guidelines would be given to them from Delhi.

Sonia Gandhi’s warnings apparently indicate that Kiran and Bothsa Satyanarayana would lose leadership if Congress doesn’t draw a couple of seats in by-polls. (Phani)

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