TJAC condemns differences between TRS& JAC

Apr 30 ,2012 12:20 PM
TJAC condemns differences between TRS& JAC

The political Joint Action Committee chairman, Prof. Kodandaram has said that all the political parties that support the cause would stay together. He made these statements in the wake of the news stating that a rift took place between TRS chief K Chandrashekara Rao and TJAC chairman Kodandaram. The chairman of the joint action committee has condemned the news that there was rift.  There may differences in the approach but at the end they all are united, added Kodandaram.

He has asked the media not to create fuss on the statements made by TRS leaders. Kodandaram has said that the committee has not taken any decision on by-polls to Parakala constituency.

It may be noted that TRS party has been apparently maintaining distance from TJAC. After coming from Delhi a couple of months when state employees’ strike was underway, the duo didn’t called for any big meetings. On the other hand, the recent bus yatra took out by TJAC also gave raise to many doubts. Notably, TRS and BJP refrained themselves from TJAC.

People are of the opinion that parties presumably left the joint association for the cause and are trying to fight the issue individually. (Phani)

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