Azad asks leaders to publicize schemes

Apr 30 ,2012 10:21 AM
Azad asks leaders to publicize schemes

The AICC in charge of AP affairs, Gulam Nabi Azad has called upon the Congress leaders to take forward the schemes into public aggressively. He made these orders in the wake of by-polls to 18 constituencies that are round the corner. In the wake of these fresh indications, the Congress leaders are gearing up for throwing focus on the ongoing public schemes besides the newly implemented ones.

In an internal meet in Hyderabad on Sunday, Azad asked every Congress activist to publicize widely on zero per cent interest on loans to farmers, interest free loans to women, kilo rice for one rupee and other schemes. He has said that free electricity is being enjoyed by over 30 lakh farmers in the state. He has also stressed that old age pensions are given to 72 lakh people.

Over 15 lakh people were benefitted by Rajiv Arogya Sri scheme, he said. He hailed the government stating that the credit of sanctioning fee reimbursement to 27 lakh students goes to the State. He said no scheme was stopped in the middle as alleged by the opposition parties.

Will special focus on schemes help the Congress turn public attention towards it? (Phani)

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