ESL Narasimhan to be continued as AP Governor

Apr 28 ,2012 17:49 PM
ESL Narasimhan to be continued as AP Governor

The President of India has passed orders for continuing ESL Narasimhan as the Governor of Andhra Pradesh for the second term. It may be noted that ESL Narasimhan was appointed as the Governor in December 2009.  Everyone expected that the Centre would ask Narasimhan to continue as the Governor due to the strong command he has on the state affairs. He was a retired IPS officer.

ESL Narasimhan was said to have played a key role in Andhra Pradesh when there was political crisis in the state due to Telangana movement. The Centre was apparently impressed with ESL Narasimhan while some political parties criticized and alleged that he was sending wrong reports to the Centre on Telangana movement. The Centre presumably felt that Narasimhan can only deal the affairs of the state and will strive towards maintaining law and order until the Centre comes out with a solution to Telangana problem. (Phani)

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