Cong MPs stir up controversy by taking on high command over T

Apr 27 ,2012 10:07 AM
Cong MPs stir up controversy by taking on high command over T

The Congress leaders from Telangana region stirred up a controversy that is likely to uproot the party from this region. The suspended Congress MPs said that the Congress high command deceived them. They said they don’t want that government that doesn’t fulfill the promise of tabling a bill on Telangana. They alleged that the high command was not even showing sympathy even after hundreds of people killing themselves for the cause. They have reiterated that they won’t stop their fight until the high command gives a clear cut statement on the issue. They said Congress in Telangana region would go for a toss in case it doesn’t come out with a clarity at least after by-polls.

They also said that if suspension of MPs was match fixing, as alleged by some people, why was it that Survay Satyanarayana, Anjan Kumar Yadav, Suresh and Jaipal Reddy-who also belonged to the state-were not suspended.
Anyway, it’s looks like the suspended MPs are presumably giving signals that they would quit the party besides allegedly projecting that Congress party was anti-Telangana. Lets wait and see how Congress would react. (Phani)

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