Justice would be done to 387 students in Nellore: Parthasarathy

Apr 25 ,2012 18:38 PM
Justice would be done to 387 students in Nellore: Parthasarathy

The minister for secondary education, Parthasarathy has said that he would do justice to the intermediate second year students in Nellore whose results were not announced due to missing answer papers. He has said that lack of coordination between the postal department and the examination centres has resulted in withhold of the results of as many as 387 students. Notably, the exam papers were said to reach to Vizianagaram from Nellore for evaluation, but the papers didn’t reach.

The minister has said that he would seek an explanation over the same from the postal department. He has also said that results would be declared as soon as possible in case the bundle is recovered. If the answer papers are not found, the examinations would be re-conducted, he said. He has also asked the students not to get panic over the same.

Earlier, a few students and their parents staged a protest in front of the Board of Intermediate Education office in Hyderabad stating that there were irregularities in Physics paper correction that increased the fail percentage in that paper. The minister turned down the request and called the allegations as baseless. He asked students to appear advanced supplementary exams. (Phani)

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