Danam finds fault with Kiran

Apr 24 ,2012 13:39 PM
Danam finds fault with Kiran

Minister Danam Nagender expressed his displeasure on the actions of the chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy. He was upset with the CM over the reduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) on cloth merchants and textile traders. He has said that it was improper on the part of the chief minister to take decision on his own without taking anyone in to confidence.

Danam further came out with interesting statements. He said that that the minister urged the chief minister to reduce VAT on textile traders in the cabinet meeting itself.  The chief minister, however, didn’t accept our proposal, he added.

Now it’s unfortunate that Kiran Kumar Reddy nodded for reducing VAT owing to someone else’s request. He has said that such actions would only send across wrong signals. Danam, who had severely found fault with the activities of the chief minister, said he would seek and explanation from Kiran Kumar Reddy in the cabinet meet over the same.

When the news is in air that some minister are unhappy with the chief minister, Danam making these comments will surely cost the Congress dearer as elections are round the corner. Vayalar Ravi’s recent tour, his statements and requests to the party members--ahead of by-polls--seemed to have gone in vain. (Phani)

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