Sabitha lied: Sri Lakshmi

Apr 13 ,2012 15:29 PM
Sabitha lied: Sri Lakshmi

The accused in Obulapuram Mining Company case, IAS officer Sri Lakshmi has made it clear that the statement given by the then minister for mines and geology Sabitha Indra Reddy was false.  Notably, Sabitha has said that Sri Lakshmi showed extra interest in the letter written to the chief minister by OMC asking the government for leasing the 25 hectares of land—allotted to APMDC—in Anantapur district. Sri Lakshmi falsified this statement before the CBI court. It may be noted that Sri Lakshmi was the secretary of department of industries.

Sri Lakshmi who is now in the judicial custody has applied for a bail petition based on the grounds that the CBI has added up another chapter to the OMC charge sheet.  Meanwhile, another IAS official who is in news for wrong reasons (pertaining to Jagan illegal assets case) has seeked the judicial help. She wrote to the state government as soon as she received the notices from the Supreme Court. Ratna Prabha who worked under deputation for seven years is currently in Karnataka.(Phani)

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