Assembly adjourned again as TDP creates ruckus over SC notices to ministers

Mar 13 ,2012 14:44 PM
Assembly adjourned again as TDP creates ruckus over SC notices to ministers

For the second consecutive day today, the issue of Supreme Court notices to the six ministers in Jagan properties case rocked the assembly with the opposition, especially the TDP, seeking the resignation of the ministers who received notices.

The opposition members barged into the Speaker’s podium and demanded the government to sack the six ministers who issued nearly 26 GOs during the YSR regime to favour several companies that later invested in Jagan-owned companies.

“They should resign or the CM should sack them immediately,” the TDP members demanded raising anti-Government slogans.

Speaker Nadendla Manohar adjourned the house briefly twice and held meeting with floor leaders of opposition parties where it was agreed upon to maintain peace in the house. But when the house reassembled again, similar noisy scenes prevailed in the assembly.

The TDP and other opposition members demanded the government to keep the files related to the 26 GOs on Speaker’s table so that the members can go through them. Rejecting the demand, the government said it was ready for a discussion on the issue after the ministers received the notices.

As the opposition members continued to obstruct the house proceedings, the Speaker preferred to adjourn it for the day. (J)

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