YSRCP distributing money, liquor through Sakshi vans in Kovur : Cong

Mar 12 ,2012 20:38 PM
YSRCP distributing money, liquor through Sakshi vans in Kovur : Cong

The Congress party today lodged a complaint with the State Election Commission officials saying that YSR Congress party has been supplying liquor and money in the Kovur assembly constituency through Sakshi daily vans.

In a letter submitted to the electoral authorities in Hyderabad, the congress leaders requested them to stop the illegal distribution of money and liquor among voters in the constituency for buying votes.

Meanwhile, chief electoral officer Mr Bhanvarlal warned against violation of model code in any way. “Strict action will be initiated against those violating the election code,” he warned in a media conference in Hyderabad, adding that any citizen can lodge a complaint through SMS against political parties and candidates violating the code.

Disclosing that the mobile squads will conduct raids immediately whenever such information is given, he asked citizens to send SMS to the numbers 89789 73452, 73826 21251 to 55. “We will keep the details of the whistle blowers secret,” he promised. (J)

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