KK’s grandson injured in accident

Feb 29 ,2012 08:55 AM
KK’s grandson injured in accident

A drastic accident on the road towards Film Nagar disrupted traffic flow on this otherwise crowded road on Tuesday in Hyderabad. The road that drives down from Maithrivanam towards Hi-tech city was a little disrupted due to a major accident. The accident involved a car and a bike which collided head on. The rider of the bike was seriously injured and admitted to hospital.

Congress senior leader of the Telangana region K Kesava Rao, fondly called as KK by his political friends, had been sad over the incident. Incidentally the injured motorcyclist was identified as Navjyoth, KK’s grandson. Navjyoth was speeding away on the road towards the Film Nagar on Tuesday. He rammed into a car and suffered severe injuries. He is right now under medical care in the Apollo Hospitals.   (With inputs from internet: AarKay)

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