Paul turns philosophical, says he is not a sinner

Feb 28 ,2012 16:28 PM
Paul turns philosophical, says he is not a sinner

Christian preacher and Praja Santhi Party leader Mr KA Paul said today he is not a sinner and observed that a leader who tried to get him killed had himself gone to the world of the dead.

“I am not a sinner and the Bible says that whoever tries to trouble the non-sinners would lay their path to the world of the dead,” he told a media conference at Kakinada this morning. “A political leader himself went to the world of the dead after trying to get me killed,” he further said.

“Same thing happened to my brother and four other persons who wanted to see my death. They all passed away with kidney failures and heart attacks,” Paul remarked philosophically.

Paul lamented he was denied voting rights in the state after he launched his Praja Santhi Party. “I have toured 148 countries but I have nowhere seen as much fraud as I have come across in our state,” he lamented.

He said he has decided to take steps to strengthen his Praja Santhi party and take active part in politics. (JUBS)

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