CPM leader Madhu attacked by Majlis activists

Feb 20 ,2012 17:12 PM
CPM leader Madhu attacked by Majlis activists

Former MP and CPM leader Mr Madhu was slightly injured in an attack by Majlis activists in the Hyderabad old city this afternoon. Doctors at the Osmania General Hospital later administered first aid on him.

The Majlis activists attacked him when Madhu went to the old city to inquire about the health of a party worker at Yakutpura.

On hearing about Madhu’s visit, Yakutpura MLA Mumtaz Khan and local corporator Vazid Ali came to the place with their supporters and objected to his visit. Supporters of both groups clashed with each other. In the melee, the Majlis workers delivered some blows to Madhu leading to mild tension in the area.

After the incident, Madhu and his supporters resorted to a demonstration before the Bhavani Nagar police station demanding action against the persons who attacked him. (JUBS)

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