Akkineni Annapurna cremated

Dec 29 ,2011 15:34 PM
Akkineni Annapurna cremated

The final rites of actor ANR’s wife Akkineni Annapurna, who passed away after a prolonged illness on Wednesday, were performed at the SR Nagar burial ground in Hyderabad today.

Sons Akkineni Venkat, Nagarjuan and grandson Sumanth lit the funeral fire after the formal obsequies ceremonies.  Only family members, Tollywood VIPs and close friends of the family were permitted to go inside the burial ground during the final ceremonies.

Actor Akkineni Nageswara rao, who shared his life for more than 62 years with Annapurna, looked lost and forlorn all the while when the ceremonies were performed by his sons.

The funeral procession started at the Annapurna studios and reached the burial ground accompanied by hundreds of well wishers, some Tollywood bigwigs, relatives and fans of ANR and Nagarjuna.

Earlier, several prominent political and film personalities visited the residence of Akkineni Nageswara rao and paid their last respects to mortal remains of Annapurna. The body was kept for a while at the Annapurna studios also.

There was heavy police security during the funeral procession and also at the burial ground. (JUBS)

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