Cong groups hell bent on suppressing Chiru rise in party

December 07, 2011 20:21
Cong groups hell bent on suppressing Chiru rise in party

Mega star and congress leader Mr Chiranjeevi has begun to face the heat of group politics in the congress party with a section of the leaders being hell bent on suppressing his rise in the party.

At a time when the high command has made up its mind to accommodate Chiranjeevi in a responsible post, probably in the Union Cabinet, a section of the congress leaders have complained to the high command that the actor has been resorting to the blackmail politics and should not be given importance.

Forgetting the fact that Chiru has come to the rescue of the congress government in the state at two crucial times, some BC leaders have lodged complaints with the high command taking advantage of his recent remarks ahead of the TDP’s no-confidence vote.

Chiranjeevi had made his unhappiness open by saying that his MLAs have been looked down by the congress leadership. “I am not happy with the treatment being meted out to my MLAs by the congress leadership,” said Chiru a few days ago in an outburst. Surely, that was his genuine grievance.

However, as he made the statement one day ahead of the no-trust vote in the assembly, the anti Chiru-group in the party has been trying to depict him as blackmailer.

On the other hand, after Chiru made the statement, Chief Minister Kirankumar reddy developed jitters as any negative vote by his PRP MLAs during the division on the no-confidence motion would lead to the fall of the government and requested Union Minister Ghulam Nabai Azad to speak to the actor and console him.

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Chiru changed his mind and announced that he would save the government after Azad spoke to him twice from Delhi.

The group of leaders who complained to the congress high command must know that the Kirankumar reddy government in the state has only survived due to the grace of the actor-turned politician.

When Jagan commanded loyalty of more than 30 MLAs and threatened to pull down the congress government some months ago, Chiranjeevi provided a breather to the government by openly declaring that he would save the government. In fact, Jagan backtracked with that statement and dared not to destabilize the Government then.  The breather even provided time to the government to wean away some of the Jagan loyalists to its fold.

On the second time, Chiru saved the government by keeping his word and voting for it during the division of the no-confidence motion.

The APCC leadership must recognize the contribution of Chiranjeevi to the survival of the state government in the state and take steps to curb such group politics.

Chiru is surely not of the ilk that would blackmail the congress leadership or the government as he doesn’t belong to the congress breed of politicians. People are well aware that the actor is very much outspoken and doesn’t know how to indulge in group politics or blackmail tactics the trademark of which is retained by the traditional congress leaders. (JUBS)

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