CBI rejects allegations of cong involvement

Aug 22 ,2011 14:18 PM

CBIDenying allegations of YSR Congress party leaders that their investigating agency has been working at the behest of congress, CBI Joint director Mr V.V. Lakshminarayana said today that neither the court nor the CBI has allowed room for personal prerogatives in the FIR filed against Jagan and his companies. 

Addressing media persons in Hyderabad, Mr Lakshminarayana said that the court has ordered investigation based on the petitions filed by the Minister Shankar rao and others the FIR has also been filed on the same basis.

Observing that the agency’s officials have begun the investigation into the issues mentioned in the petitions from today, he said the court has read the contents of their preliminary report but didn’t ask CBI to investigate the alleged illegal accumulation of wealth by Jagan based on that. 

“We have launched the investigation from today to corroborate the issues mentioned in the petitions as ordered by the High Court,” he said, adding more searches would be conducted if necessary. 

Rejecting the accusations that the name of Lagadapati Sridhar was removed at the behest of the congress leaders, the CBI official said that his name was not included in the FIR as he didn’t receive any favours from the government. “He made investments into Jagan companies but he didn’t receive favours from the government. That was the reason for not including his name in the FIR,” he said.

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