Find Your Purpose in Life!

March 05, 2012 15:27
Find Your Purpose in Life!

Failing to identify your purpose is like been on a ship without anyone steering it to the chosen destination. It will end up anywhere.

The key to finding your purpose in life is to follow your heart and do what you really LOVE to do! That's it!! When you wake up to this truth, you will find everything changes because you're doing what you were put here for in the first place.


By looking within. Some of you will already know what your passion is, but will find it difficult to step out the box. But its time to listen to that inner voice. At this point it will be time to put your negative thoughts about yourself aside and start entertaining a positive outlook on knowing that finding your purpose means it can be achieved.

Don't live someone else's dream. When you have figured out what your purpose is you must NOT let anyone 'steal' it by their opinions, too often people are more concerned with what others might think Instead of doing what they want. I used to be so conscious about what others would be thinking of me, the actions I took and the things I would say. So as a result I would not be living as the real me!

Finding your purpose will lead you to have a vision. Your vision is the route you take in steps to complete you purpose. Your vision will lead to the end goal. In order to reach your goal you must set short-term goals in order to keep you on track

"Where There is no Vision The People Perish."

You may feel like you cannot earn money doing what you love to do. There's no need to just give everything up that would be silly (unless you can afford to do this) but there is always downsizing. Work a part-time job so you are earning enough to live off while you have the time to pursue you life's purpose.

Be ambitious and don't give up.

Finding your purpose can change your life overnight if you would just be committed in taking the first step - making a decision to follow your dreams!

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