Nippu review

  • Film : Nippu 
  • Producer : YVS Chowdary
  • Director : Gunasekhar
  • Star Cast : Deesksha Seth, Brahmaji , Rajendra Prasad, Dharmavarapu...
  • Music Director : Thaman S

After the success ratio of his films went down arrow with his experiment being a ‘Veera’, Mass Maharaja, Ravi Teja is back again with ‘Nippu’, in Guna Shekar’s directorial. Does ‘Nippu’ managed to built in the fire or not, let us know;

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Surya (Raviteja) and Sriram (Sriram) are close friends. Sriram faces death sentence in Saudi Arabia, as they believe that he has killed his lover Vaishnavi (Bhavana). But the fact is Vaishnavi accidentally dies by falling from the roof top. Now Surya has a task on hands.

He has to get a letter from Vaishnavi’s parents to save his friend from death sentence. Surya comes to know that Vaishnavi is the daughter of Raja Goud (Pradeep Rawath), who has been waiting to take revenge on Surya as he rubbed him on the wrong side. Surya realizes that convincing Raja to sign the papers is not easy. There is another person who is against Raja. He is Shankar Kaka (Mukul Dev). Surya join hands with him and gives a deadly blow to Raja. What would be the next twist in the film is to be seen on silver screen.

Analysis :


Things get bit interesting at the start of the second half and there are few funny scenes betweenRaviteja and Brahmanandam in this part. But Gunasekhar failed to maintain the same momentum and carry it until the climax. Second half of second half is lengthy and gets on to your nerves. The track onDeesksha Seth is not properly handled. Even Raviteja fails to shoulder the film this time.

The story though takes a good start and interests the audience to watch the film, after certain time, the same interest is lost as there is a too much of dragging in the story and the story telling way as well.

Performance :


Ever energetic Raviteja looked uninterested in this movie. He simply sleep walked through the character. His usual brand of comic timing is missing too. At times he tried his best to lift the spirits. His combination scenes with Brahmanandam are okay to some extent.

Deesksha Seth needs to learn how to act. She failed to get the basic expressions right which is not a good sign for an upcoming actress. Rajendra Prasad is fine in his limited role. Sriram is just okay. Pradeep Rawath is usual. Brahmanandam’s presence is felt. Mukul Dev is alright. Brahmaji and others did their best as per the script and characterizations. Thaman’s music is a big letdown. He has been in terrific form in the recent past and Nippu comes as a shocker from the in form music director. Background score is ordinary too. Cinematography is topnotch and Production values are very good. Editing is not up to the mark. Dialogues are average. The taking of director Guna Shekar and his way of handling the story itself seems to be not at all applicable.

Final Word ‘Nippu’, another Average entertainer from Ravi Teja.