Mere Brother ki Dulhan

reviewMovie: Mere Brother ki Dulhan
Director : Ali Abbas Zafar
Prodcer :Yash Raj Films
Music: Sohail Sen
Star Cast : Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ali Zafar, Parikshat Sahni and others…

Right from the title of this film, to the star cast to the pre promotional events, everything was so eye catchy about ‘Mare Brother ki Dulhan’. The story line lasts in the title itself and as per the director and the star cast of the film, this is a film for today’s generation and a worth watching flick by all the generations audience. It is true? It this film, released today from Yash Raj Films, managed to win the hearts of the audience or not? To know more, read further;

Story, and Analysis;
The story begins when the lead roles of the film are introduced. Luv (Ali Zafar) is the casanova brother of Kush (Imran Khan), who works as a Assistant director for B – Town films. One day, Luv calls up Kush to find a bride for the former as he discloses that he had n number of passing away relationships and now wants to get married and settle down. Now, it is Kush’s responsibility to find a Dulhan suitable to his brother’s nature and personality, and in the same process, meets the bride (Katrina Kaif), who is a girl with full of life and ‘Don’t care’ type of an attitude. And the bride and groom ka meeting and greeting program starts. After a while of the take off of the film, then comes a twist that is much expected by the audience. And the rest of the story revolves around this twist and how does kush deals with this emotion of his. And the same need to be watched by you on the Silver Screen.

The take off of the film is good and the way director introduced the characters is worth mentioning. It is a story for which certain fresh element has been added. The entire star cast in the film, Imran Khan, Ali Zafar and Katrina Kaif did their best. Particlulary, the characterization of Katrina that she has done in the film, is an experiment made by her and the actress managed to portray the role very well. Imran khan did his best as always. Ali Zafar showcased of being a matured actor and done a excellent job that in turn supported the film. The music scores by Sohail Sen, the lyrics given by Irshad Kamil are good. Over all, this flick is another entertainer from Yash Raj Films that has got the internal style of YRF Banner ka film has.


The direction responsibility handled by Ali abbas Zafar, though this director being a new comer and choosing such a story line is to be appreciated. But the second half of the film appears to be a bit dragging as the story of the film has already been narrated by the director in the first half and before last half an hour of the film. Though the performance of the actors and the music scores are entertaining, the last few minutes of the film, before climax appears to be a bit slow. Apart from this, the film is quiet entertaining and yes, it is for today’s generation and will be enjoyed by all set of audience.  Moreover, a touch of Comedy being the inherent part of the story also makes the film worth watching.

Final Word:

‘Mere Brother ki Dulhan’, an entertaining flick.

Mere Brother ki Dulhan