Anushka's Varna For One and All

Nov 14 ,2013 10:09 AM
Anushka's Varna For One and All

The movie of Anushka Shetty 'Varna'- Irandam Ulagam in Tamil has received a neat 'U' certificate from Censor Board without a single cut.

The movie Varna is going to hit 1200 screens on 22nd November.  Arya and Anuskha are pairing for Varna which is a high budget film with good graphical presentations.

Harish Jairaj tuned the songs of the movie Varna. Background music is scored by Anirudh Ravichander who tuned famous ‘Kolaveri Di’ song.

The Tamil Telugu bilingual magnum opus Varna is produced by PVP and directed by Selva Raghavan to give a visual treat to cine lovers.


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