Swarna Kamalam's Silver Jubilee Celeb

July 15, 2013 09:28
Swarna Kamalam's Silver Jubilee Celeb

The most acclaimed movie 'Swarna Kamalam' directed by the veteran director K.Viswanadh.

K.Viswanadh is one of those few directors who do not go by the commercial principles of making a movie but his movies were commercial hits.  He promoted fine arts through his movies.

Swarna Kamalam, Sagara Sangamam and Shankarabharanam movies are not only highly creative but also created good interest among the youth in classical dance and music.

Swarna Kamalam was produced under the banner of Bhanu Arts Creations by Ch.V.Apparao exactly 25 years ago.

Viswanadh mostly made movies with the theme that goes around the middle income group of the people of Andhra Pradesh Swarna Kamalam was not an exception.  Venkatesh and Bhanu Priya in the lead roles acted very well in the movie to make justice to the characters created by Viswanadh.  


The story revolves around Bhanu Priya who being middle class girl dreams of making an attractive career ignoring her father and maestro in classical dance who wanted to give all his art to his daughter and wanted to see a top classical dancer in her.  She realizes the truth only after her father dies and others and especially foreigners praise Indian dance art.  Venkatesh acted well as a friendly neighbor to come to the help of the family at every need.

The story is told in the movie by Viswanadh’s in a superb manner and as per his habit, the director took all the precautions without ignoring the tiniest of the points to make it look natural.

The movie is not only worth remembering but also worth watching again if you are not addicted to the movies with fights with swords and guns and sumos flying in the air and an item song to top it.


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