John Abram arrested in rash driving case, to serve 15-day simple jail term

Mar 09 ,2012 16:42 PM
John Abram arrested in rash driving case, to serve 15-day simple jail term

Mumbai Sessions Judge N.V. Navkhar today ordered the arrest of well known Bollywood actor-cum-model John Abraham after dismissing his petition that challenged the 15-day simple imprisonment awarded to him by a lower court in a 2006 case of rash and negligent driving.

Immediately, police took him into custody but the 39-year old actor later filed a bail petition and also approached the Mumbai High Court challenging the Sessions judge order.

Earlier, the Sessions judge also dismissed a plea of John Abraham to allow him to surrender before the trial court.
Metropolitan Magistrate Court at Bandra convicted him for a 15-day simple imprisonment on Oct 14, 2010 for negligent driving but granted him bail the same day. The actor challenged the lower court order in the Sessions Court.

The imprisonment was awarded after traffic police booked a case for rash driving of his Yamaha Hayabusa bike on April 8, 2006 on Carter Road in suburban Bandra and ramming it into a bicycle injuring two youngsters.

Abraham granted bail

The Mumbai High Court granted bail to John Abraham paving the way for the police to release him from their custody.(J)

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