Like name, like success!

Jan 03 ,2012 15:24 PM
Like name, like success!

Do you actually believe in numerology, fate, luck or the name game that works? If not in anything else, the same is much believed in our film industry. The release dates, the shooting mahurats, all the pujaas that would be done for the film to be a success and even the title of the film being named in regard to some auspicious, all are prevailing in T â€" Town. Of course, in some situations all these predictions do not work much for the success of the film. But, the majority matters right?

Ab, take the example of Ram Charan’s ‘Raccha’ itself. The shooting of the film is for sure taking a lot of time, but finally we hear that the film will be released soon. Right from the launch of the film, be it the title or the story line that attracts the mass on a large extent, everyone are talking about ‘Raccha’. On top of this, Ram charan’s earlier film ‘Orange’ that has failed to attract the audience, everyone are keen about ‘Raccha’ to be a success. Cherry is romancing Tamanna in this Sampath nandi’s directorial. Here is the latest news about the film. According to sources this film’s US rights have been already sold for unbelievably huge amounts.Reputed Hari Venkatesawara pictures hit the bulls eye by bagging US distribution rights for astounding price.

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