Prabhas-Tamanna rain song in Rebel!

Mar 22 ,2012 01:12 AM
Prabhas-Tamanna rain song in Rebel!

Actrees Tamanna who is also called as Milky beauty, as she become very famous with rain songs with her films like Awara, Badrinath and very recently in Mega Power star's Racha.However now the most recent buzz is that actrees Tamanna is getting ready for one more rain song with Young Rebel star Prabahs in the film, Currently this film is under shooting.

After seeing her hot wet songs in Awara, Badrinath and her upcoming film Racha, director Raghava Lawrence is also planning to shoot a rain song on Prabhas and Tamanna for the film Rebel. Lawrence is also composing the tunes for this film. Prabhas is also familiar with the wet songs in the film Varsham. So, Raghava Lawrence will shoot a hot wet song on Prabhas and Tamanna.

Well if this buzz is going to be true, so undoubtedly actrees Tamanna will become the empress for wet songs in south and more over she will also get extraordinary uniqueness for rain songs.

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