Isha Chawla gains Balayya’s Kalki

Feb 07 ,2012 02:50 AM
Isha Chawla gains Balayya’s Kalki

Prema Kavali popular heroine Isha Chawla at present doing a heroine role in opposite to Sunil in Poola Rangadu movie.Very soon this movie is going to hit the screens.So now the latest news is that Isha Chawla has bagged a heroine role in to Balakrishna’s newly launched film Kalki.Well this going to be a great chance for her popularity.The other female lead role is this film is Parvati Melton.

On Monday February 6 Kalki movie was launched in an official manner.As this film is being directed by Ravi Chavali and producing by Ramesh Puppala.

For both the heroines Kalki will be a good opportunity.As other than a small role in Jalsa, Parvati Melton Parvati Melton hasn’t played any female lead role in a star hero's film.Infact even for Isha Chawla she hasn’t played the female lead in any one of the star hero’s film.

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