Appatilo ‘Jejamma’, ippudu ‘Ramulamma’?

Sep 15 ,2011 16:35 PM

AnushkaVijayasanthiThese days, the hawa of remakes and the sequels of the successful films is going on in the industry. With this era, proceeding towards the success, almost every director and film maker is looking forward to either remake a another language ka hit film in T "Town or to write a sequel for a successful flick. Dasari Narayana Rao, is concentrating on the second element. The buzz is that, this director is keen in making a sequel of his block buster success that has showcased Vijayashanti in a complete different role, ‘Osai Ramulamma’. As of now, the story sittings are going on.

The buzz is that, the chances of Anushka playing a ‘ramulamma’ in this flick are very high. But, as of now, there has been no official announcement made on or about the film.

So, Anushka is as such known for playing some heroine centric powerful roles like ‘Arundhati’ and ‘Panchaakshari’, this means she has got a lot of caliber to play a ‘Ramulamma’ too.

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