‘Premakavali’ Girl with ‘Appal Raju’!

Aug 13 ,2011 11:53 AM

SunilIshaRemember the debutant Actress Eesha Chawla in the K. Vijaya Bhaskar’s directorial ‘Prema Kaavali’? Though this girl along with the Hero of the film Aadi, who happens to be ‘Dialogue King’ Sai Kumar’s Son and debuted as a Hero with this film, earned good reviews about her performance and her looks also. The movie managed to run successfully for 100 days. But, in terms of getting further opportunities in T " Town and to sustain in this industry, the success of the film, neither fetched Eesha, nor Aadi.

But now, the film maker of ‘Prema Kavali’, K. Acchi Reddy, has decided to give Eesha’s career a lift. The film maker who is making a film with Comedian " Hero Suneil, casted Eesha opposite Suneil in this untitled film, of which the shooting is likely to start from 18th of this month. Veerabadram Chowdary, who debuted as a director with a block buster comedy film ‘Aha na pellanta’, will be directing this film.

Let’s see weather this film brings a up lift in Eesha’s career.

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