An Unexpected Combo?

Oct 19 ,2011 12:48 PM

CharanSekharVakkantamVamsi is penning story for the film. He has Brindavanam and Oosaravelli to his credit. Mega fans may not be happy but it seems all is well between Megastar and Rajasekhar.

Ram Charan who is right now busy shooting for Rachcha has Okayed couple of scripts to start after completion of Rachcha. One of them is ‘Dil’ Raju’s production for which VamsiPaidipally will be director and VakkantamVamsi is writer. There is a speculation doing rounds on the internet that for the first time DrRajasekhar who once had political differences with Chiranjeevi will be acting as villain in this movie with Ram CharanTeja.

The director and writer have approached Rajasekhar and he seems to have liked the role. The discussions are still on between Rajasekhar and producer and his dates are expected to be confirmed soon.

So, this means keeping all the professional rivalry with Charan’s father Chiranjeevi aside, Rajashekar, showcased his professional attitude and decided to keep his films and politics on two different ends. Or it can also be that all that drama that we have seen on T.V. of Rajashekhar along with his wife Jeevitha, talking every negative possible about Chiranjeevi, is just hype and nothing more. Or as time passed by, Rajashekhar might have known Politics would not work for him, decided to resolve all the differences with his co " stars and now back to acting.

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