Mother vetoed Prabhas-Kajal marriage!

May 06 ,2011 17:35 PM
Mother vetoed Prabhas-Kajal marriage!Tollywood grapevine has something new on the marriage front of young rebel star Prabhas. The hearsay says Prabhas mother has not agreed to his intentions of marrying lovely girl Kajal Agarwal.

It might be mentioned there were reports two three months ago that Prabhas was deeply in love with Kajal Agarwal and they were on the verge of uniting themselves in wedlock.

However, very recently, there are reports suggesting that Prabhas will marry a girl decided by his parents and almost they have zeroed in on a girl for him. Reports said that Prabhas will marry this year only.
Now, we hear that Prabhas and Kajal, who acted together in ‘Darling’ and ‘Mr. Perfect’ , were actually in deep love and Kajal went to the extent of asking Prabhas to fix their wedding date. When Prabhas broached up this subject with his mother, she ruled out the marriage proposal.

“We are from Andhra and she is from North India. It won’t be a viable marriage proposal,” she seems to have commented with Prabhas.

The rebel star, however, did not rebel at that but told his mother to see a girl for him on her own.
“Ok, as you please,” he was said to have told his mother. Sources said that Prabhas, though a rebel in Tollywood, is devoted to his mother and would never do anything to displease her.

For this reason only, we hear his marriage plans with Kajal have fallen apart.

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  • by mahi Thursday, 13 February 2014 00:20

    My sweet prabhas apki sadi sirf mujhse honi hai es mera entjar karo or apna kam karo baki sb bhol jao ok I m coming so plz wait n wacth ok tk cr my sweetu love u so much

  • by navya bhargavi Monday, 30 December 2013 08:27

    Prabhas you marry any girl she should not be a heroin love you prabhas please
    take care of your health

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