Paisa Movie Review

  • Film : Paisa
  • Producer : Ramesh Puppala
  • Director : Krishna Vamsi
  • Star Cast : Nani, Catherine Tresa...
  • Music Director : Sai Karthik

Paisa is a high voltage crime drama movie that is based on money. Nani, Catherine Tresa and Siddhika Sharma the leads while creative director Krishna Vamsi handled the direction.

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Prakash (Nani) is a model in old city and wishes to become a filthy rich person. He likes his neighbour girl Noor (Catherine Tresa) but does not realize that he is love with her. One day Prakash comes across with beautiful lady named Sweety (Siddhika Sharma) who is the daughter of rich and most powerful politician Sanyasi Raju (Charan Raj). So Prakash plans to marry her and get rich.

However lately Prakash comes to know that he is love with Noor. Meanwhile Noor's family arrange her marriage with a Dubai Sheik as they are in financial problems and just minutes before the wedding, Prakash and Noor elope in car which has 50 crore Rupees Hawala money that belong to Minister Sanyasi Raju.

Prakash discovers the money in the car while Sanyasi Raju men will be after him. At the end who will take over the 50 crore money forms the plot.

Analysis :


Paisa is crime drama movie which revolves around love and money. Handling such a subject needs loads of experience and Krishna Vamsi has that, but did not make proper use of it in the film. The main draw back is sluggish first half, a better edited one with crispy screenplay would have added more value to the second half. However the pre-climax and climax episodes are superb.

Performance :


Nani did a Hatke role. He carried the entire movie on his shoulders and we can say not completely though. The single take scene before intermission is the biggest asset for movie. Catherine Tresa did a commendable job. People who say Catherine is a galm doll will change their opinion. Charan Raj was okay but sometimes he irritates the screen.

Final Word: Not a Paisa vasool movie, KV and Nani fans will enjoy, for the rest, it is just a one timer.


(AW: Vamshi)