• Film : Thadaka
  • Producer : Bellamkonda Suresh
  • Director : Kishore Kumar Pardasani
  • Star Cast : Naga Chaitanya,Sunil,Tamanna,Andrea Jeremiah..
  • Music Director : Thaman

Tadakha, the highly awaited entertainer from Naga Chaitanya who has been into the mass hero image makes another attempt to seize the limelight of the day with the movie. Along with Sunil, Tamanna and Andrea Jeremaiah, under the direction of Dolly, the movie promises lot of entertainment and action. But did the star studded combination work out for the producer Bellamkonda Suresh? You are the judge!

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Brothers Sivarama Krishna (Sunil) and Karthik (Naga Chaitanya) are so very different from each other in their most basic natures despite their blood relationship. While Karthik is the audacious type Sivarama is the timid brother. They are sons of a brave police officer, (Nagababu) who dies while on his duty. The police department offers the job of the father to Sivarama Krishna who is coerced into accepting it by his brother Karthik.

Daunted, Sivarama Krishna, who joined not by personal interest but due to his brother, soon has to face the evil lord Bagga (Ashutosh Rana) and his smuggling activity that terrorizes the city. Karthik lends a hand to his brother in denting the illicit business but this only adds fuel to the fire and Sivarama Krishna becomes Bagga's arch enemy.

Meanwhile, Siva has his marriage arranged with Nandu (Andrea Jeremiah). Karthik and Nandu's sister Pallavi (Tamanna) soon fall in love too. Bagga on the other hand manages to trouble the new couples. Infuriated, Sivarama Krishna transforms into the strong cop who no longer is timid or fears Bagga. The story of the transformation and the rivalry with bagga makes the rest of the story.

Analysis :


The first half with its quick pace will not let you think about a break. All elements of comedy, good screenplay, emotion etc are balanced. However, the second half is lacking in the generated pace. Comedy doesn't disappoint however.

Songs in the movie are poorly shot, placed and composed. Sunil and Andrea have no chemistry between them despite being married. She was the namesake female lead for the sake of filling in a gap.

Fights are overdone sometimes like the scene where Nagachaitanya runs faster than a train. Mass entertainer doesn't mean physics blunders. Editing is slick, cinematography excels in a few places but is just ok in others. Dialogues are strong and effective. Brothers bond too well, making the plot stronger with more meaning to climax.

Performance :


Naga Chaitanya has several attributes that are pleasing on the screen. The new avatar with excellent costume design is smashing on the screen. As an actor, he can call this his personal best to date. He seems to be coming out of the monotonous style of dialogue delivery. Fight sequences were brilliant.

Sunil adds live and rigor to the movie. Comedy, his forte, is back in his script after a few very serious movies that failed to capitalize. However, that is not necessarily a good thing for an actor who has been trying very hard to shed the jesty visage. His caliber of acting can be witnessed after the transformation. He is the definition of a true police officer. Andrea Jeremiah is only a visual treat to overstate her role. Tamannah is nothing very special either. It appears as if she makes no serious efforts to win the critics votes.

As Bagga, Ashutosh Rana delivers what is expected of him. Comedians Brahmanandam and Vennela Kishore entertain meagerly. Director should be commended for giving equal roles for both the lead heroes which brings in a sense of balance to the movie. Others in the movie have little role and have done decently well for the same.

Final Word: A mass entertainer with nothing too special. Apart from the AC in the theater, you have something that is worth watching on the screens too.

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(AW- Anil)