Three letters to successor

Feb 26 ,2013 12:29 PM

In a company, a new Manager is appointed to replace an existing Manager and they both spend a week together discussing the strategies of the company. On the final day, the old manager tells him I have three letters sealed in three numbered envelopes. They will help you cope with your stress in dire situations, follow them in the exact same order, he says.

After six months, the manager falls into a very difficult situations for which he couldn't find a solution despite thinking through all possibilities. Finally, he decides to open the first letter. It read, "Blame the manager before you for leaving things unattended". Skeptical if the trick would work, the manager still tries it and miraculously, it solves the problem.

A few months later soon, a project he takes up defaults on time drawing the ire of the administration once again. This time without hesitation he picks up the second letter and tells the administration "we have to reorganize to make the company better" as the letter suggested. The administration buys his explanation and the company is back in business.

After an year more, the company goes into losses and another board meeting ensues. He looks into the third letter. It read, "Tell about these three letters to your successor".

(AW- Anil)

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