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  • Samsung adds Anti-theft feature in S5

    Apr :07 |   The world's largest smartphone maker Samsung is said to add the 'anti-theft' option in its flagship mobile Galaxy S 5. "Find My Mobile" and "Reactivation Lock" anti-theft features will be inducted in the phone which will be releasing later this week.... [Read more...]

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  • Behind High Security Number Plates Contract

    Dec :27 |   High Security Registration Number Plates no doubt is a good idea to curb the mischievous acts of the law breakers.  It addresses many problems from theft of the vehicles to many other crimes.  Above all Supreme Court is keen on implementati... [Read more...]

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  • Software employee nabbed for stealing product source code

    Sep :14 |   An former employee of MIC, a public sector company, was arrested for the theft of a source code of patented property. The software employee, MNS Srinivas, stole the information on a patented software with the intention to provide it to other private ... [Read more...]

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  • Cybercrime costs unreasonable for the global economy

    Jul :23 |   A study released on Monday brought into prominence that cybercrime undergoes expenditure for the global economy between US$100 billion and US$500 billion (S$127 billion and S$633 billion) annually. The study known to have acknowledged more data is ne... [Read more...]

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  • Apple software site faces theft

    Jul :22 |   Computer and software giant Apple brought into prominence on Sunday that it took its software developers' site offline subsequent to the moment it was hacked while giving a caution that personal information about them may have been burglarized. Apple... [Read more...]

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  • Violent Mob Delivers 'Justice'

    Apr :09 |   In a heart wrenching incident happened in Asansol, West Bengal, five children were beaten up and tied to bamboo poles for a whole night for the alleged charge of theft. All the Children were aged between 10 to 12 years. The torture didn't just stop ... [Read more...]

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  • TN based NRI couple robbed at Hotel

    Nov :22 |   Jyothi Chandramenan, 36, has been living in England and has married Christopher a resident of England. They had met with a bitter experience on their visit to India to the Jyothi's native place. Lodging at a high class star restaurant, the couple lef... [Read more...]

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  • Employee runs for life, loses her job

    Oct :26 |   An employee of Arby's was fired off her job after she ran for her life from armed robbers, which violated the company's norms. This piece of news has trigerred a new debated among the media circles. As per the company rules of Arby's, two employees h... [Read more...]

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  • Tension at Mahankali temple

    Oct :11 |   Tension atmosphere is prevailing at Mahankali temple, which is in the old city of Hyderabad. A large number of devotees were taking out a procession demanding the police for arresting the culprits for allegedly resorting to theft in the temple. The p... [Read more...]

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  • Man eats diamond to steal it

    Sep :07 |   On Wednesday a Chinese visitor at the biggest gem and jewelry exhibition of Sri lanka in Colombo had attempted to steal a diamond worth $14,000 by swallowing it. The police arrested him immediately after the organizers had spotted his bizarre attempt... [Read more...]

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