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  • Rose like beauty

    Mar :06 |   Roses are not just beautiful and symbol of love, but can be used as best remedy for a beautiful skin as well... here are some methods how roses can be used to enhance your beauty... If you want to get rid of your dull and dry skin, then make a paste... [Read more...]

    Published in Beauty
  • Pamper your skin with a home made facial!

    Mar :03 |   These days we are even trying to make all those cakes and sweets at home, that were otherwise out of our reach earlier, as we could not even think of making them at home… then why not try pamper our skin with a homemade facial… after all who woul... [Read more...]

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  • ‘Irritated? No more!’

    Jan :12 |   Who will not get irritated yaar? And for Woman with a inherent quality of multi-tasking, managing hundred other things is for sure a big task and as a result, hell lot of stress. So, to relieve from this, try out some of these; Make sure you get and... [Read more...]

    Published in Life style
  • Why to look Gud?

    Jan :12 |   Is that so necessary? Can’t we survive just being our self? Why do we need to groom ourselves? Why do we need to take care of the minimal use of cosmetics and good dress sense? Despite our mood not being good, we not interested to get ready, why st... [Read more...]

    Published in Women
  • Air Brush Makeup

    Jan :02 |   Celebrities and rock stars all over the world are raving about air brush makeup, but very few people actually know what this innovative cosmetic concept is made up of. Airbrush makeup is ready-to-spray makeup. Few people realize you can make any liqu... [Read more...]

    Published in Beauty
  • Style mantra? Simple

    Jan :02 |   ‘Simple’… the word that we always love to use in n number of scenarios, that too when there is a talk going on something related to our look. And looking simple has also become a trend these days. Of course, for all those functions and special ... [Read more...]

    Published in Women

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