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  • Help your children grow tall with these fun exercises

    Jul :21 |   Is your child's turtle-paced growth worrying you? Give your child that extra push with some simple exercises that will help them grow free and healthy. Here are a few exercises that you can encourage your young ones to do at home: Hopping with one l... [Read more...]

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  • Care for your pet pooch

    Jan :08 |   Who doesn't like pets - but loving them is one thing and keeping them at home is quite another. Pets, like human, demand affection and attention as well as training and exercise. If you don't train your pets well, they are likely to get annoying and ... [Read more...]

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  • Here is how you can keep your New Year resolution 2014

    Jan :02 |   If you too, like million others, have decided to make ambitious changes to your lifestyle this New Year, you possibly know that it's never quite easy to stick to a resolution for long. Here is how you can stick to your resolutions, no matter what. L... [Read more...]

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  • Keep the muscles pumping

    Oct :12 |   Exercise, the very word creates terror in many a heart. Laziness aside, it is very tough to maintain a routine fitness without some variety now and then. As we know, healthy activities contribute a lot towards keeping you agile and able. To keep thos... [Read more...]

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  • Mirror mirror, which beauty secret is the best?

    Sep :24 |   In the eternal quest for ethereal beauty, we indulge in countless tips to do the trick. That magical aura of loveliness is the result of not thousands but only a few religiously followed rituals. To know which beauty secret is the best of them all, r... [Read more...]

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  • Losing weight the lazy way

    Jul :26 |   Not able to get up and go through the routine of exercising. Sweat not. There are some easy breezy ways to keep your weight in check. These are especially designed for the lazy couch potatoes who can't keep up with their work outs. Having breakfast ... [Read more...]

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  • Tips and tricks for effective workouts

    Jul :11 |   All of us struggle to lose those kgs, trying to slog it out in the gym or at home. But what makes good workouts even more effective is something else. To get the most out of your daily workouts, one trick is to be regular. Being consistent is one of... [Read more...]

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  • Why excessive dieting is a bad idea

    Jul :02 |   Women across the world have always battled with weight problems. It is a known fact that women are under continual pressure to look thinner. However, many resort to harmful methods of losing weight. Reasons for these trials could range from beauty co... [Read more...]

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  • Eyes Enthrall and Precious- Keep Them Fit

    Jun :29 |   When you talk to someone you look into the eyes of that person.  If the eyes of the other person are beautiful and expressive you can't take off your eyes.  An Expression is complete when eyes are also used as a medium.  Eyes are descr... [Read more...]

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  • Health Care-3 Health Cannot Be Noticed

    Jun :19 |   Health is something that cannot be seen.  One can see only its absence.  As long as the physical body is healthy, that means functioning properly; one will not notice anything connected to health.  Even the body parts are not noticed. ... [Read more...]

    Published in Wishesh Special
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