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  • Honey Bees Can Detect Cancer Soon

    Nov :25 |   Trained honey bees can be used to detect cancer at its early stages in humans, according to researchers. UK-based Inscentinel, the firm specializing in insect research, in a new research suggested that honey bees, if trained, would be able to detect ... [Read more...]

    Published in Health
  • Common pesticide behind beehive collapse

    Apr :09 |   Imidacloprid, a common pesticide, may have been responsible for the sharp Pinpointing the cause of the problem is crucial because bees, beyond producing honey, are prime pollinators of roughly one-third of the crop species, including fruits, vegetab... [Read more...]

    Published in Sci-Tech
  • Health Benefits of Honey

    Jan :14 |   How many products in nature are there that can give you as many health benefits as honey does? Certainly there are some, but not that many. Honey is one of these food products that different people have had various opinions on because it is full of g... [Read more...]

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  • Parasitic Fly Could Be Responsible For Disappearing Honeybees

    Jan :05 |   The disappearing honeybee colonies have been blamed on cell towers, pesticides, GMO crops and more. Until we know for sure, we can’t rule any of these things out, but researchers are now looking at another possibility for colony collapse disorder. ... [Read more...]

    Published in Sci-Tech
  • 30 injured as honey bees attack students

    Dec :30 |   30 students were injured when honey bees chased and attacked the students of the government school at Tirumalagiri in Nampally Mandalam of Nalgonda district this afternoon. School sources said the honey bees suddenly descended on the play ground whe... [Read more...]

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