No legal rights to property care takers: SC

Apr 30 ,2012 13:10 PM
No legal rights to property care takers: SC

The Supreme Court has held that the property care takers will not be entitled to any legal right on the land or the property even if an individual or group of individuals took care of the property or land for years together. Such care takers should handover the property as and when the owner demands, held the apex court. The bench headed by Justice Dalweer Bhandari and Justice Deepak Mishra gave this ruling.

The court has turned down the petition filed by a watchman who stated that he had legal right on the land of a house that he protected for two decades.  The court has asked the watchman to handover the property to the owner immediately and fined the watchman with 25,000 rupees for dragging the owner to the court. The apex court has also indicated to the lower courts to take the facts into consideration in these petty cases and give the verdict timely.

The court has also said that the petitioner should actually be fined heavily under court charges but he was fined a minimum amount keeping in view his financial condition. (Phani)

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