Foreign tours only on request of Govt: Prez

Apr 30 ,2012 10:16 AM
Foreign tours only on request of Govt: Prez

The President Pratibha Patil, who will soon step down from the coveted post, has cleared the doubts of the public on her foreign tours. The President Patil has dismissed the criticism that she was visiting foreign countries on her own will. She said it was not on her personal choice that she had been visiting foreign countries, but it was on the request of the Government of India keeping in view the bilateral relations.

She has also said that the Government wanted her to visit another three countries but that was not possible due to lack of time.  She has stressed on the need to make new friendship with countries besides promoting ties with the old countries that are already maintaining good relations with India.

Responding to one of the media’s questions, Pratibha Patil has said that the 22nd tour of her was so far very successful in promoting India’s global image besides strengthening countries’ ties.

Meanwhile, the UPA Government is apparently consulting its allies on who should be the next President of India. There are also news in the air that the Centre is likely to propose Abdul Kalam’s name for the President post. (Phani)

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