Bin Laden's youngest widow wants to migrate to UK

April 26, 2012 13:27
Bin Laden's youngest widow wants to migrate to UK

The 29-year-old Bin Laden’s young widow Amal Abdulfattah al-Sadah said she wanted to stay in UK along with her children and even wanted to meet the Royal Family. She is the mother of five and was reportedly married to Bin Laden when she was 17 years old since she presumably wanted a holy warrior husband. She was said to have supported his war on the western countries and was with him after 9/11 incident that rocked the United States.

The reports indicated that she tried to save Laden when US commandos allegedly shot him and in her try to shield him, she was left wounded. She was also tipped to become the chief of al-Qaeda, which she reportedly rejected.

In an interview given to a foreign newspaper, her brother said that Sadah would migrate to UK if given a chance. He said they have nothing against UK and its people. He has also said that Sadah loves humanity and she likes to lead a peaceful life now.  The daily has also published that Sadah had respect for the Royal family.

We have to wait and watch as to how the UK officials are going to react to the statements. (Phani)

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