Indian student shot dead in US

Apr 21 ,2012 10:57 AM
Indian student shot dead in US

Incidents of Indian students in US being killed by their fellow students are hitting headlines very often. Similar incident took place on Thursday when a group of students dragged their fellow student out of room and allegedly shot him to death.

The victim, Sheshadri Rao, who hails from Odisha has left for the United States to fulfill his dreams of higher education. He was pursuing Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the prestigious Boston University.

The police said that Seshadri Rao was found dead in a local part. Victim’s father, K Sudhakar Rao has said that his son was innocent and he was being dragged out to kill.  Their family came to know about the death on Friday noon when Indian Consul General informed them, he added.

The police started the investigation into the matter and Boston University said it would completely support the police in the investigation. Meanwhile, the family of Seshadri Rao urged the university officials to send the dead body of Seshadri to India.

While the families who send their wards to off shores only to see them return home land with new degrees, it’s unfortunate that time makes them beg for the dead bodies. (Phani)

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