Woman raped by 6 drunk friends before husband

Apr 07 ,2012 16:43 PM
Woman  raped by 6 drunk friends before husband

Yet another rape, by our own countrymen, what a shame! A 35-year old woman was gang raped by a group of perverts. According to the police, the victim and her husband was invited by one of their close friends for a birthday party. He took them to a deserted place on his two wheeler. Others followed them in bike. The gang allegedly beat the husband and dragged the couple to a roof top where victim’s chastity was damaged one after the other in front of her husband. When the police got the information of the incident, they rushed to the spot and found the woman in semi-unconscious state. 

The husband, who managed to flee from the spot went into village and cried for help. Villagers then immediately informed the police. The police said that the victim’s statement has been recorded and medical examination followed. DNA samples were collected and the culprits would soon be arrested and produced before the court, said the police.   The victim said that six persons who invited them for party had no criminal background, but indulged in this indecent thing under the influence of alcohol.

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