India bows to linguistic pressure, votes for UN resolution against Lanka war crimes

March 22, 2012 17:00
India bows to linguistic pressure, votes for UN resolution against Lanka war crimes

Internal pressures do play affront at international scenes was much evident from what the PM did at Geneva in the UN council.

This must be termed as linguistic victory of Tamil Nadu as all parties came on the same podium and urged the UPA to support the UN resolution against the Sri Lankan war crimes. While the Prime Minister was considering the diplomatic consequence of such an event, the allies and the oppositions from the state put in much pressure. Finally the country bows to linguistic pressure and votes in favor of the resolution  proposed by US and adopted by the UN at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Today.

Now China comes closer to Sri Lanka by voting against the resolution stating that it is against any country putting pressure on others in the name of rights violations. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said Sri Lanka and its people were capable of dealing with their own affairs.

Sri Lanka on the other hand expressed that it could understand the domestic pressure on the voting of India. It had also requested for sufficient time for investigations.

The following is quoted abstract from the NDTV for reader enrichment. `Human rights groups say nearly 40,000 civilians were killed in the final months of the war. The Sri Lankan government had created a committee, the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission Process, to study the allegations of war crimes.  The US delegation in Geneva today referred to the government's "lack of action to implement the recommendations" of that commission.  It described the resolution it has moved as one "that encourages Sri Lanka to implement the recommendations of its own LLRC and to make concerted efforts at achieving the kind of meaningful accountability upon which lasting reconciliation efforts can be built."’

Whatever be the case the India is slowly loosing each of its neighbors for various reasons. This has to be given a thought by the government. On one side China is building its solid defense base and extending its friendly hands to Sri Lanka and Pakistan. On the contrary India is losing its potential neighbors, who could turn out to be bitter foes in future. (With inputs from internet- AarKay)

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