Hyderabad hosts Mexican Film Festival 2012

Apr 09 ,2012 11:34 AM
Hyderabad hosts Mexican Film Festival 2012

All films will be screening in the stunning new AISFM Student Theatre inside Annapurna Studios, Banjara Hills.

Annapurna International School of Film + Media (AISFM) and Hyderabad Film Club are proud to present Hyderabad’s first Mexican Film Festival. All films will be screening in the stunning new AISFM Student Theatre inside Annapurna Studios, Banjara Hills, according to a press note from AISFM.

The festival screening schedule is: Pan’s Labyrinth (Fri, 13/4, 6pm), The Bastards (Sat, 15/4, 5:30pm), Carnival Of Sadom (Sat, 15/4, 7:15pm), Used Parts (Sun, 16/4, 5:30pm), More Than Anything In The World  (Sun, 16/4, 7:15pm), Backyard (Mon, 17/4, 6:30pm)

All films are free to attend, however advance bookings are strongly recommended as we expect most of the screenings to book out. For more details and to book your seats, head to http://www.isfm.edu.in/blog/mexican-film-festival-april-2012/

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