CPM,CPI disappointed TDP

Feb 29 ,2012 15:45 PM
CPM,CPI disappointed TDP

Leaders of TDP met the representatives of CPM and CPI to muster support for TDP in by elections. CPM disappointed TDP whereas CPI said that it will take a decision today. In 2009, TDP had coalition with communist parties Mr. Chandrababu Naidu, President TDP sent Mr. T. Devender Goud and Warla Ramaiah to meet communist leaders to seek their support in by elections.

They met CPM General Secretary B.V. Raghavulu. He told the TDP leaders that CPM has decided to contest election without joining hands with other political party and 4 members have already filed their nominations. In the remaining three constituencies, if communist party contests they will support them, other wise a decision will be taken as to which party should be supported.

TDP leaders also met CPI Secretary Dr. K. Narayana. He said that CPI will not participate in by-election. It will be decided by the party to support any party. Mr. Goud addressed the pressmen and hoped that both the parties continue their support.

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