'Kolaveri di' on Jagan's temple visit!!

May 04, 2012 10:19
'Kolaveri di' on Jagan's temple visit!!

Politicians will definitely not leave behind even a stone unturned to hog lime light. The recent visit of the YSR Congress Chief Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy to the abode of Lord of Seven Hills created much furor by all the politicians. And each one tried their best to be in the media channels on the issue. This is just a political stunt, say analysts. But let us look into the various ways different parties have used this incident for their benefit. Firstly the YSR Chief entered the temple with his group of men without signing the formal declaration about his belief in the Lord, which is mandatory for non-Hindus. The motives behind the Chief’s action are unascertained but the analysts only feel the high-handedness of the young Chieftain. Jagan should have followed the protocol. Secondly the place of worship was converted into a political podium disrespecting the sanctity of the shrine. It is quoted that the followers of the Chief shouted `Jai Jagan’ slogans inside the shrine.

“The Agama rules do not impose any such condition, but non-Hindu devotees must sign a declaration form which says that they believe in Lord Govinda,” Tirumala Tirupati temple Peshkar (administrative officer) Chandrasekhar Pillai told reporters. TTD rules, however, prescribe that non-Hindus need not sign these declaration forms every time they visit but sign at least once in their lifetime. Jagan reportedly argued that when he had come down to Tirumala in 2009 with his father, the then Chief Minister, he had not filled any form. “Why should I sign the forms now? I had darshan at that time.” Other supporters argued why the Congress President Ms Sonia Gandhi was allowed without signing the form.

The leading opposition of the state the Telugu Desam Party voiced its dissent over the incident as an atrocious act of the YSR Congress Chief. TDP leader Dadi Veerabhadra Rao alleged, “Late YSR had no sentiments for Hinduism. He even tried to build a church in Tirumala. Jagan is showing the same disrespect.” On the other hand the saffron party of the nation, BJP, termed the act, `hurting the sentiments of Hindu believers.’ BJP leader NVSS Prabhakar flayed TTD for allowing Jagan to enter the temple by violating Hindu traditions and temple rules.

And of course the ruling Congress party does not want to be left behind either. Leaders of the ruling Congress and TDP on Thursday demanded action against Jagan for flouting temple rules. Congress leader and Rajya Sabha member V. Hanumantha Rao has set a week's deadline for the government to take action against the MP from Kadapa. "If the government fails to take action against him I will sit on silent protest at the temple," he said.

It is now very clear that all parties want to take up this issue in broader spectrum for various reasons that only they, best know. However in a plain talk a visit to a temple needed no such controversies. But the slogan shouting made the difference. This in particular was not correct. However, hurting the feelings of a particular community does not arise at all as nothing else untoward was cited in the incident.

A person inside the holy shrine of any faith is sure to be spell bound and for a second feels the presence of God. And this effect leaves an indelible impression on the pilgrim in future endeavors. At least this is the faith of our secular brethren who visit distant places as pilgrimages. The sole motto of each pilgrim is `to succeed in all endeavors henceforth and to be forgiven, for sins till date.’ Critics feel the only issue that Jagan should realize is the slogan affair. If only he checks this one issue, then everything else is in place, feel analysts.  (With Inputs from Internet- Aarkay)

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