Kathi heroine arrested for prostitution

May 03 ,2012 18:52 PM
Kathi heroine arrested for prostitution

After the arrest of yesteryear South Indian heroine, Yamuna another heroine from Tollywood has hit the news for allegedly involving in flesh trade.  Sana Khan who appeared in Kathi and Mr. Nookayya was apparently arrested at an apartments in Koramangala where the Tollywood heroine was running a prostitution ring.

The police who went in disguise of customers caught Sana Khan and other girls at apartments. They conducted this undercover raid after they got credible information from an arrested broker who gave all clues of the prostitution ring.

The police recovered blue films, cash, CDs and even mobile phones from the apartments. The police have reportedly filed a case against her. This news came in as shock to Tollywood yet another time.

God knows how many Tollywood heroines are going to come into the picture and get arrested for the same reasons as the days pass by. (Phani)

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  • by raj Saturday, 25 January 2014 19:06

    may be she got forced by politicians or mafias or ..... respect the women

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