'Be'e 'man'

Apr 26 ,2012 15:39 PM
'Be'e 'man'

Did you ever get sting by a bee? If yes then you must read this story as you alone know how risky it is to let bees creep on the body and the wrap up the entire body like a blanket! Horrifying to imagine right? Yes, what sounds like incredible really happens with a Chinese bee keeping enthusiast.

Bee Man

If we dig into details, playing with 3,30,000 bees is no new affair to one 32-year-old She Ping. Be it for the sake of fun or for the love and passion for bees, Ping always had this habit of letting bees cover him completely.

Before he does this bee adventure, he makes sure that his nostrils are stuffed with cotton. Later he steps into a basin and asks his assistant to place the queen bee on his body while the thousand of bees will be poured into basis. Within minutes bees cover him up and he stand still when bees climb up his body.

The entire process of covering and uncovering will take an hour. And in the process, She Ping often escapes unhurt and at times receive few stings. Here are some pictures of his bee man…….. (Phani)

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