Top 20 Video Commercials that need be reviewed:

March 08, 2012 11:19
Top 20 Video Commercials that need be reviewed:

Here's a list of the top 20 most favourite banned commercials and ads on television. See how some ads are banned in one country and not in another. How some ads are banned due to sensitive content for different cultures or countries.

Let's start with the first one, a really funny banned commercial from Levi's. Have fun viewing!

1. Levis

This is a pretty clever Levis commercial about a femme fatale. I won’t spoil too much of it, but the sexual and drug related elements probably got it banned.


2. Ashley Madison Banned Superbowl Commercial

Madison says her husband cheated on her. You see a brief image with her husband presumably having sex with a woman in the back of the car. Although there’s no nudity, this was probably too scandalous for the Superbowl.


3. Racist McDonald’s Banned Commercial

It has several offensive commercials marketed towards Black people. These include Black people being excited by free chicken McNuggets and a Black person showing his “quarter pounder” of a male sexual organ. All in all, quite offensive.


4. Banned Commercial of Lynx- Effect of lynx on women

This was a deodorant commercial presumably to show how turned on women would be by it. A foreign woman talks in another and in subtitles, it says, “After sex, I’m out like a light.” This is probably what got it banned.


5. Sony Commercial Banned for Being racist

This commercial's racist to both Japanese and white people. It says that Sony products are better because, "They’re short. So they're closer to the magnetics. Caucasians are too tall and gangly."


6. Crazy Horoscopes: The ladies bathroom

Women are presumably showing off their power by showing lipsticks that seem like vibrators. Each has a slogan. The biggest vibrator has the advertiser’s, “Crazy horoscopes,” name on it.


7. AGFA Funny Commercial

This is a classic commercial. One of the early TV commercials. Too sad that Digital photography killed casual photography.


8. Banned Mastercard Commercial The Milkman

This is a Mastercard Commercial of the priceless ad campaign. Whereas most of these commercials provide sunny examples of pricessless things, this one becomes sinister. The milkman kills the guy! It says, “what money shouldn’t buy.” I suppose, however, the whole murder thing was banned because it was too violent.

For those unfamiliar with the original commercial, see below:



9. Four Banned Commercials in one!

Here are four very funny banned commercials together in one video.

The first one is of a famous Swedish newspaper, Expressen, where two guys are in a bathhouse taking steam bath. One guy is dozing, and the other is gazing the private parts of the other.

The second one is a baby starting to suckle his father’s nipple. The father happens to be overweight.

The third one is about a women kicking and punching a venting machine in order to get candy. This one doesn’t actually seem that offensive; maybe people thought it was a bit sexist. Who knows.

The fourth is about two ladies taking a sunbath on a holiday. They kept their camera lying next to them and two guys sneak up. One guy takes a picture of the other guy’s naked parts.


10. Impact Absorbing Bra from Blestbras

There is a washing machine vibrating. A woman puts her bra in and we can see she is half naked from the back. The machine stops because her bra "absorbs the impact."


11. Make Love Not Terror Israel

This commercial advertises Israel's sexier elements than terror: its ladies. Several men have "oh God" moments about hot chicks. This wasn't banned in Israel but was obviously not shown in many places because of its provocative content.


12. Banned Vibrator Phone Commercial of Women’s Health Magazine

While waiting for what seems to be an appointment, two protagonists of the opposite sex face each other amidst the rows of waiting chairs press against the wall. A phone rang with a conventional ring sound. The man picks up his phone, but it seems that it’s the woman’s phone instead. The woman picks up the phone from his handbag, but it turns out that her phone vibrates an awful lot and is quite penis-looking to boot.


13. Funny Banned Commercial – Boxing Video

This hilarious thai boxing video is from a funny Pfeizer commercial, espousing the use of its product to help male genitalia. The thai boxers keep backing their crotch area as if to protect it from any incoming punch. There are a lot of funny backwards-butt motions.


14. Banned Ice Cream Commercial

It starts out PG-friendly, with the girl licking ice cream and guys noticing her walk by. Then it ends with her mouthing down the ice cream cone like a blow job and wiping her lips afterwards.


15. Burn Energy Drink Extra Potent commercial

This commercial’s just plain douchy. A guy walks into a bunch of girls rooms whom are all living in the same building with whom he all has presumably had sex with. Not to mention that several of the women are half naked from the back, one that even shows a little bit of boob.


16. Banned Commercial Strip Poker

There’s a bunch of hot young people playing strip poker. I won’t ruin the punchline, but I suppose its suggestive content got it banned. Watch it and enjoy!


17. Mercedes banned commercial of a Blonde

This is a pretty video making fun of a blonde who’s too stupid to understand that a library isn’t a fast food restaurant. Mercedes canceled it because it worried it’d offend too many blondes.


18. Megan Fox in Bra Commercial

This is a video shoot of Megan Fox for Armani Lingerie. It was probably banned because she was braless at one point.


19. VW

This commercial most baffles me on the list. Supposedly, it was banned in Sweden for running over lots of food on TV. I suppose this is what happens in a country where one’s quality of life is respected.


20. Beer Commercial

In this one, the company’s actual name is “Bierbitzch.” People at bar are ordering drinks. You can imagine what the punchline is and why it was banned



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